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Confirmation exam review questions

Reference material:

The Bible, Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, EELK Kalender, EELK homepage and the internet in general.

Finally,if you can’t find an answer, you can email me:


Church services: When are church services held at St. Peter’s in Toronto?  Can you be a Christian if you don’t go to church?


Small Catechism: Who wrote this? How many chapters are there and what do they deal with?


The sacraments: How many sacraments are there in the Lutheran church?  What is „christening“?  How many times can one be christened?  Who christened Jesus? (see Catechism and Mk 1: 9-11)

What is „Holy Communion“? How often must a confirmed individual take part in Holy Communion? Who is allowed to take communion?  Who were the first people to take communion? (see Catechism and Mt 26: 17-29)


The Ten Commandments: How many commandments are there in the Old Testament? Which commandment deals with how we spend our work and free time?  Is Sunday just another day? Which Commandment covers off all the commandments and why? (see Catechism and 2Ms 20: 1-17)


The Lord’s Prayer: How many prayers are included? When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, what are we praying for? (see Catechism)


The Creed: How many teachings are included in the Apostolic Creed? (see Catechism)


The Bible: Name the two main sections of the Bible.  Why is the Bible considered the Holy Book?


Creation: Why were humans created? How do the theory of evolution and the Bible’s version of the story of creation relate to each other?


The initial Bible stories: Briefly recount the stories relating to the original sin, the flood, the tower of Babel. (see 1Ms 1 - 11)


Life of Jesus: When and where was Jesus born? Where and how did Jesus die? Where was he buried? When was Jesus resurrected? (see Gospel according to Luke)


The teachings of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount: Name some teachings of Jesus. What is special about the Sermon on the Mount? (see Mt 5-7)


The church year: Name the significant holidays in the church year and provide a short description of each. What liturgical colours are displayed for each of these occasions? ( )


Christian symbols: What is the importance of each of the following: cross, rooster, triangle, ship, fish.  (search the internet)


Church administration: What rights and obligations does a confirmed individual hold? What is the congregation’s highest administrative body? How does a congregtion sustain itself? Who is the Archbishop of EELK? What do the letters EELK stand for? ( )


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